David (English US)

Kate (English US)

What’s your name?

My full name is —-, but please call me by my English nickname, —–.

1/ Do you have a wide circle of friends or just a few close friends?

I have a narrow circle of friends because I work mostly with students in my work environment. So I have about 20 friends and around 2 close friends.
If I counted my Facebook friends as real friends, the number would be high!

2/ How often do you see your friends?

I meet my friends about every 3–4 months, I think, as we’re all tied up with our work. I don’t meet up with all of my friends. I mostly hang out with my close buddies/ˈbʌdi/.  We usually keep in touch through social media platforms like Facebook, Zalo, and Instagram. They’re fast and convenient for us.

3/ Do you have best friends?

Definitely yes, as I mentioned. I have two close friends; they are Mai and Y. We are the same age. We have interests in common, so we can share what we think, express ourselves freely, and help each other overcome setbacks.

4/ Tell me about your best friend at school.

My buddies (/ˈbʌdi/) at school are Mai and Y., but I will talk to you about Mai because she is a great friend. She is about 160 cm high and slim. She’s really kind to people around her.

She has had a great impact on my life, as she always gives me useful advice when I’m in trouble. We have a mutual understanding.

Though we are all tied up with our work, we mostly communicate via Zalo. I specifically like her because she is more like my sister than a friend to me.

5/ How friendly are you with your neighbors? [Why/Why not?]

I must say I am lucky to have good neighbors who are always supportive and well-behaved. I am really close to them.

We have been living in our neighborhood for nearly 2 years, and our neighbors have become our close relatives. We have mutual respect and a strong bond that ties us together. I respect their opinion and privacy, and I’m willing to help them whenever they need me.


6/ Are your friends mostly your age or of different ages? [Why?]

Actually, I don’t have a lot of friends, but most of my friends and I are the same age.

Only two or three of them are older than me by five to six years.

As my friends are mostly from my class at my university or my high school, it’s natural that we do not have a noticeable age gap.

Some of my older friends are from my neighborhood or from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We share some news about daily life. Despite the age difference, they are really kind and nice.

7/ Do you usually see your friends during the week or at weekends? [Why?]

You know, because we are all tied up with our work, we have a gathering about every 3–4 months, but always at the weekends, I guess.

But if we have something special to do, like a birthday party or a wedding ceremony, we can have a gathering on weekdays .

8/ The last time you saw your friends, what did you do together?

The last time I met my friends was last week, when we had dinner together at the Thai restaurant. Then we went to my house to watch a famous film called “Mat Biec”. After the movie, we had numerous conversations and talked about our plans for our work.

Since I was preparing for my IELTS exam, we did not meet afterwards. But we will meet again within 2 or 3 weeks.

9/ In what ways are your friends important to you?

I reckon that my friends actually represent me.

As it is commonly believed, a person can be judged by the company he keeps, and this is true in my case as well.

They are my friends because we are like-minded. They often inspire me to attain excellence and I can be absolutely myself with my friends; I can share anything with them; and they are by my side whenever I need them. They also give me really helpful advice when I’m in trouble.

In this regard, they are important to me to a great extent. I believe friends make life worth living and more colorful.


  1. Keep in touch : giữ liên lạc, tiếp tục duy trì mối quan hệ qua thời gian.

E.g  : Although we live in different countries now, we still keep in touch through phone calls and emails.

  1. Close buddies : close friends : bạn thân, những người bạn thân thiết.

E.g : Sarah and Emily have been close buddies since they were kids; they share everything with each other.

  1. Social media platforms : các nền tảng/trang mạng xã hội trực tuyến.

E.g : Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are popular social media platforms that allow people to connect and share their lives online.

  1. Be the same age : cùng một tuổi.
  2. g : Tom and Lucy are twins, so they are the same age and celebrate their birthdays together.
  3. Have interests in common : có sở thích chung.
  4. g : John and David both love playing football, hiking, and watching movies, so they have many interests in common.
  5. Overcome setbacks : ượt qua khó khăn, khắc phục những thất bại hay rắc rối.

E.g : After failing the exam, Lisa worked hard and studied diligently to overcome the setback and improve her grades.

  1. Express ourselves freely : tự do diễn đạt bản thân, không bị ràng buộc.
  2. g : In a supportive and open-minded environment, we can express ourselves freely without fear of judgment.
  3. Had a great impact on : có ảnh hưởng lớn đến.

E.g : The invention of the internet had a great impact on the way we communicate and access information.

  1. Be in trouble : gặp rắc rối, khó khăn hoặc vấn đề.

E.g : I forgot to submit my assignment on time, and now my professor is angry with me. I’m in trouble.”

  1. Have a mutual understanding : hiểu nhau, có sự đồng thuận.

E.g : In a healthy relationship, partners have a mutual understanding and respect each other’s needs and boundaries.

  1. Have mutual respect and a strong bond : có sự tôn trọng lẫn nhau và một mối liên kết mạnh mẽ.

E.g : After working together for years, Jane and Peter developed mutual respect and a strong bond as colleagues and friends.

  1. Have a noticeable age gap : có sự chênh lệch đáng kể về tuổi tác.

E.g : Although they are good friends, there is a noticeable age gap between Sarah, who is 25, and her mentor, who is 60.

  1. Have a gathering : Có buổi tụ tập, gặp gỡ nhau.

E.g : Let’s have a gathering at my place this weekend to celebrate our friend’s birthday.”

  1. I reckon that : tôi nghĩ rằng, tôi cho là.

E.g : I reckon that it’s going to rain later, so don’t forget to bring an umbrella.

  1. It is commonly believed : thông thường được cho là, được tin rằng.

E.g : It is commonly believed that regular exercise and a healthy diet are essential for maintaining good physical health.”

  1. Like-minded (adj) : cùng suy nghĩ, cùng quan điểm.

E.g : The members of the book club are like-minded individuals who share a love for literature and intellectual discussions.”

  1. Be by my side : ở bên cạnh tôi, hỗ trợ tôi.

E.g : During difficult times, I’m grateful to have friends who are always by my side, offering their support and18.

  1. To a great extent : đến một mức độ lớn, rất nhiều.

E.g :The success of the project was due to the team’s hard work and dedication to a great extent.


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