David (English US)

Kate (English US)

1/ When do you meet with friends or family?

I’m working and living in HCM, but my parents reside in my hometown, HN district in DT province; it’s quite far from HCM city, maybe about 200 km. so I only meet them whenever I have a chance to visit my home, probably every 2–3 months.

My friends and I are really tied up with our work, so we meet every 3–4 months.

2/ What is your favorite hobby?

My favorite pastime activities are immersing myself in music, watching some comedies on the internet, or going out with my husband and friends. By doing these things, I can recharge my batteries.

3/ When do you usually do your hobby?

I listen to music every day because I am really into it. I watch comedies maybe every 2 days and go out every week or every 2 weeks if I have free time.

 4/ Who do you talk to about your hobbies?

It’s definitely my husband because we have many things in common. We  share the same sort of interest. He also really likes listening to music, watching comedy movies, and going out with me.

5/ Have your hobbies changed over the years?

They haven’t changed a lot except going out on the weekends. In the past, maybe 5 years ago, I went out every night. But now, I just go out every 1 or 2 weeks.

6/ If you could choose a new hobby, what would it be?

This is an interesting question. Given a choice, I would play guitar/ɡɪˈtɑːr/, because I can sing, so when I am good at playing guitar, I can both sing and play it. I think it’s great!


  1. be really tied up with : bận rộn hoặc liên quan mật thiết đến một việc hoặc tình huống nào đó.
    g : “I apologize for not being able to join the meeting; I’m really tied up with a project deadline.”
  2. recharge my batteries : nạp lại năng lượng, làm mới bản thân sau một thời gian làm việc căng thẳng hoặc mệt mỏi.

E.g : I plan to take a vacation next week to recharge my batteries and relax by the beach.

  1. be really into : rất thích, say mê, hoặc quan tâm đến một vấn đề, hoạt động, hoặc sở thích cụ thể.
    g : She’s really into photography and spends most of her free time capturing beautiful moments with her camera.
  2. have many things/ a lot in common : có nhiều điểm chung, sự tương đồng giữa hai người hoặc nhóm người.

E.g : Sarah and John discovered that they have many things in common, including a love for hiking, reading, and traveling.

  1. share the same sort of interest : có cùng một loại sở thích, quan tâm hoặc đam mê với người khác.
    g : Alice and Mark share the same sort of interest in playing musical instruments, and they often jam together in their free time.


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