TOPIC 18- Talk about a member of your family you think is successful

TOPIC 18- Talk about a member of your family you think is successful.

BAND 8.0+


Alice (English US)

George (English US)

Who is this person?

Why do you think he or she is successful?

What did they do to become successful?

How could this person help you to be successful in life?


I think each person has a different concept of success. I am fortunate to have many cousins who are well-educated. However, after going through this topic, Mr. Vang comes to mind because he is both highly knowledgeable and wealthy.

He is the son of my father’s older brother, and he lives in Can Tho City, in the south of VN. It’s about 200 kilometers from my place.

I’ve known Mr. Vang since I was born because he is just 2 years older than me. My family has spent much time together, meeting up for celebrations and frequent visits throughout the years.

Mr. Vang is successful not only financially, but he is also a famous doctor in her field. He founded his pharmaceutical company years ago with nearly 100 employees. His company imports and exports medicine throughout the world. He also makes a lot of money in real estate as well.

He’s really kind to people around him; he’s well respected in his community. He actively participates in charity events and fundraisers with his wife and his children in my hometown every year.

I think the reason he has had great success is because he learned and worked very diligently and tirelessly. I remember that when he was in high school, he studied for nearly 10 hours a day. After graduating from university, he worked around the clock and did many research jobs; that’s why he is a famous doctor in his field. Furthermore, he has a fascination with real estate, so he buys and sells many residential and commercial buildings that make him richer.

He is also a good adviser. Whenever I’m in trouble, he’s willing to help me solve it or give me the best advice. I can learn a lot from him, from his attitude and professional working style.

I feel so lucky to have him in my family, so his success is a role model for me and other cuisines as well.


Alice (English US)

George (English US)

1. What is needed for a person to become successful?

In my opinion, to have success, we need to have a clear goal, motivation, patience, hard work, dedication,

More importantly, successful people also have discipline and persistence in their efforts.

2. What is the most important factor?

Persistence, I believe, is a major factor.

Persistence gives us vital experience. When we’re persistent, we learn that each failure gives us another opportunity to learn. With each failure, we’ll become more resilient.

We’ll also learn how you can overcome any challenges to be successful.

3. People often say that goal-setting is necessary for success. Do you agree with this?

I think that we should set clear goals for our future. Setting goals can help us move forward in life. Goals give us a roadmap to follow.

Goals are a great way to hold ourselves accountable, even if we fail. Setting goals and working to achieve them helps us define what we truly want in life. Setting goals also helps us prioritize things.

4. What’s your definition of success?

I reckon that many people have different perceptions of success. Success is judged by the individuals themselves. Success can be defined in many ways, including wealth, happiness, fame, etc.

In my opinion, my definition of success is achieving personal goals, whatever they may be.

5. Which do you think is more important for people to become successful? Hard work or opportunities?

I think both are important. In most cases, hard work is the key to achieving success. We need to put in the hard work, and we will be rewarded.

But sometimes, luck also plays a vital part in making us successful, such as winning the lottery. And we use it to invest to make more money.

For example, Bill Gates may have been incredibly lucky to start Microsoft at the right time, but without decades of hard work, that opportunity would have been lost.

6. Why is it important to achieve a goal?

Goals make life beautiful. When you have a goal, we will make every effort each day to achieve it. And when you achieve that goal, it brings you unlimited happiness. We are also fulfilled in our lives.

7. Do you think people will be happy if they don’t have any goals to achieve?

It depends.

On the one hand, some people set many goals in their lives as a way to motivate themselves and have a life purpose. So they work tirelessly to achieve their goals. And they feel fulfilled in their lives.

On the other hand, having goals means that they have burdens on them. If they don’t succeed, they will be depressed, dissatisfied, and sad.

Instead, they can keep things simple and reduce stress by focusing on the daily process and sticking to their schedules, rather than worrying about the big, life-changing goals.

8. How do you measure a person’s success?

Many people have different perceptions of success. Success is judged by the individuals themselves. Success can be defined in many ways, including wealth, happiness, fame, having good things, etc.

Mostly, it is wealth, but it depends on person to person. We can’t assess anyone until we meet or talk. So, in general, wealth and material possessions are the ideal tools to measure success.

9. Do you think the way people gain success has changed?

No. The formula for success remains the same and does not change with time. People still gain success through hard work. and sometimes through hard work and luck.



  1. well-educated -adj
  • Nghĩa: có trình độ học vấn cao
  • Phiên âm: /wɛlˈɛdʒʊˌkeɪtɪd/
  • Ví dụ: She pursued higher education and became a well-educated professional in her field.
  1. real estate –n-
  • Nghĩa: bất động sản
  • Phiên âm: /riːl ɪˈsteɪt/
  • Ví dụ: He invested his savings in real estate and became a successful property developer.
  1. Fundraisers –n-
  • Nghĩa: các hoạt động gây quỹ
  • Phiên âm: /ˈfʌndˌreɪzərz/
  • Ví dụ: The charity organized a series of fundraisers to support their cause.
  1. diligently and tirelessly –adv-
  • Nghĩa: cần cù và không biết mệt mỏi
  • Phiên âm: /ˈdɪlɪdʒəntli ænd ˈtaɪər.lə
  • Ví dụ: She worked diligently and tirelessly to complete the project on time.
  1. work around the clock –idiom-
  • Nghĩa: làm việc suốt ngày đêm
  • Phiên âm: /wɜrk əˈraʊnd ðə klɒk/
  • Ví dụ: The emergency room doctors and nurses work around the clock to provide medical care.
  1. has a fascination with
  • Nghĩa: có sự mê hoặc, hứng thú
  • Phiên âm: /hæz ə ˌfæsɪˈneɪʃən/
  • Ví dụ: She has a fascination with astronomy and spends hours stargazing.
  1. residential and commercial buildings
  • Nghĩa: các tòa nhà dân cư và thương mại
  • Phiên âm: /ˌrɛzɪˈdɛnʃəl ænd kəˈmɜrʃəl ˈbɪldɪŋz/
  • Ví dụ: The city skyline is dominated by residential and commercial buildings.
  1. a role model
  • Nghĩa: tấm gương, người mẫu gương
  • Phiên âm: /ə ˈroʊl ˈmɑːdl/
  • Ví dụ: She is a role model for young entrepreneurs with her success and ethical business practices.
  1. Persistence -n
  • Nghĩa: sự kiên trì,  bền bỉ
  • Phiên âm: /pərˈsɪstəns/
  • Ví dụ: His persistence paid off when he finally achieved his long-term goals.
  1. hold ourselves accountable
  • Nghĩa: tự chịu trách nhiệm
  • Phiên âm: /hoʊld ˌaʊrˈsɛlvz əˈkaʊntəbəl/
  • Ví dụ: As a team, we hold ourselves accountable for the project’s success or failure.
  1. Prioritize -v
  • Nghĩa: ưu tiên
  • Phiên âm: /praɪˈɔrəˌtaɪz/
  • Ví dụ: It’s important to prioritize your tasks to ensure you complete the most important ones first.
  1. play a vital part in
  • Nghĩa: đóng vai trò quan trọng trong
  • Phiên âm: /pleɪ ə ˈvaɪtəl pɑːrt ɪn/
  • Ví dụ: Education plays a vital part in shaping the future of individuals and society.
  1. win a lottery
  • Nghĩa: trúng xổ số
  • Phiên âm: /wɪn ə ˈlɑːtəri/
  • Ví dụ: He was lucky enough to win the lottery and became an instant millionaire.
  1. make every effort
  • Nghĩa: cố gắng hết sức
  • Phiên âm: /meɪk ˈɛvri ˈɛfərt/
  • Ví dụ: She made every effortto pass the exam by studying diligently and seeking help from tutors.
  1. feel fulfilled in sb’s life
  • Nghĩa: cảm thấy thỏa mãn, hài lòng trong cuộc sống của ai đó
  • Phiên âm: /fiːl fʊlˈfɪld ɪn sʌmbədiz laɪf/
  • Ví dụ: He feels fulfilled in his life by pursuing his passion for music and performing on stage.
  1. have burdens on sb
  • Nghĩa: có gánh nặng, trách nhiệm trên ai đó
  • Phiên âm: /hæv ˈbɜːrdnz ɒn sʌmbədi/
  • Ví dụ: She has many responsibilities and family obligations, which can sometimes feel like burdens on her.
  1. formula
  • Nghĩa: công thức
  • Phiên âm: /ˈfɔːr.mjə.lə/
  • Ví dụ: The scientist discovered a new formula for a more efficient energy source.


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