Listening Strategies For The IELTS Unit 1, Activity No 10 with Answer and Audioscripts

Listening Strategies For The IELTS Unit 1, Activity No. 10


Listen to some short dialogues. In each dialogue, you will hear someone ask a question
about the time. When the answer is given, write down the time in the space below.

1. A: Excuse me. Can you tell me the time, please?
B: Yes. It’s ____________________________.

2. A: Do you have the right time, please?
B: I think it’s ________________________ .

3. A: Do you know what time the next bus is, please?
B: Yes. It’s____________________________ .

4. A: What time do you finish your work today?

5. A: When do the shops open, please?
B: ______________________________________.

6. A: What time does the London train leave, please?
    B: ______________________________________ .

7. A: What’s the next train to Birmingham, please?
    B: ______________________________________ .

8. A: Excuse me, please. What time does the Liverpool train arrive?
    B: ______________________________________ .

9. A: When does the Paris flight leave, please?
B: ______________________________________ .

10. A: What time’s the next flight to Amsterdam, please?
     B: ______________________________________ .


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