Answer Key and Audio Script – Listening Strategies For The IELTS Unit 1, Activity No 10

Audio script – Listening Strategies For The IELTS Unit 1,  Activity No.10


1. A: Excuse me. Can you tell me the time, please?
B: Yes. It’s a quarter to three.
2. A: Do you have the right time, please?
B: I think it’s twenty past five.
3. A: Do you know what time the next bus is, please?
B: Yes. It’s half past seven.
4. A: What time do you finish your work today?
B: Twenty past six.
5. A: When do the shops open, please?
B: At eight o’clock.
6. A: What time does the London train leave, please?
  B: Twelve thirty.
7. A: What’s the next train to Birmingham, please?
B: Eleven-five.
8. A: Excuse me, please. What time does the Liverpool train arrive?
B: Seventeen-forty.
9. A: When does the Paris flight leave, please?
B: Twenty-two fifty.
10. A: What time’s the next flight to Amsterdam, please?
B: Fifteen thirty.


Answer Key – Listening Activity No.10

1. 2:45
2. 5:20
3. 7:30
4. 6:20
5. 8:00
6. 12:30
7. 11:05
8. 17:40
9. 22:50
10. 15:30


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