Christopher (English US)

Jenny (English US)

  1. How often do you use a car?

Actually, I don’t have a car. But I use it quite often. Like going here by Grab car. I use Grab Car Service about 3–4 times a month. I like to travel by car instead of by motorcycle just because it’s safe and I can get away from hot weather to avoid being soaked in sweat. /səʊk/

  1. Where do you usually go by car?

Whenever I go to a spa center or go to parties like a birthday party or wedding ceremony, Or go to a formal event like this IELTS exam.

  1. Is driving in your city easy or difficult, and why?

Actually, the transportation infrastructure in HCM City is quite poor, so the traffic in the city is extremely heavy and bad, especially during rush hours.

So I think getting around in HCM City is quite easy if we ride motorcycles. But if we drive a car, it’s easy to get stuck in traffic jams.

That’s why the street is always crowded with bikes instead of cars.

  1. When is it better to use a bike than a car?

When I don’t go far away from my house or don’t need to bring any heavy bags. It’s definitely better to use a bike, as it helps me to be healthy and gives me a chance to exercise.

  1. If you could buy any car, what would it be and why?

I’m also considering buying a crossover MPV in a few months. Its brand name is Xpander. The reason I would like to buy it is because its price is quite reasonable and durable.

And it has also received a great deal of attention and quickly achieved many successes. My family and I really like traveling, so I think that car can accommodate our needs.


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