TOPIC 25- Describe a salesperson you had a positive shopping experience with

TOPIC 25- Describe a salesperson you had a positive shopping experience with.

BAND 8.0+


Alice (English US)

George (English US)


Who is this person?

What did you buy from him or her?

Why was this shopping experience positive?

What was this salesperson’s personality like, and will you buy products or services from them again in the future?


In our lives, sometimes we go through situations where we feel either happy or uncomfortable with certain salespeople. Whether it’s a poor or wonderful experience, it leaves an impression on each of us. After going through this topic, memories come back to mind.

I really had a great shopping experience with Ms. Tram, a saleswoman at Best Wishes for You, which is one of the most famous clothing stores in District 5, near my apartment.

I remember vividly that five years ago, I received a wedding invitation from one of my close friends. So I had to buy a really nice dress to wear at my friend’s wedding ceremony.

Actually, there are a variety of clothing stores in District 5 to choose from, and I didn’t know much about Best Wishes for You. I just passed by, and a white dress caught my eye.

I entered the store, and Tram approached me and asked me if I needed any assistance. She’s about 170cm and thin, and she has a smiley face.

I was extremely astonished by her professionalism and knowledge of the products.

She asked me if I needed some tea or some water before helping me choose the right dress. Then, she asked me a few questions, like what kind of color I liked most and what my size was. Finally, what occasion do I wear this dress on, as well as my price range?

We had a really good conversation, and she made me feel confident about my decision.

In the end, she helped me choose a beautiful white dress that I’m very happy with because many friends have praised it.

I felt like she was really excellent staff at this store, and I believe that because of her outstanding communication skills, she is now a manager at that store.

I was very content, and I would definitely go back to that store to get her help choosing other dresses. I also recommend that store to my friends.



Alice (English US)

George (English US)


  1. How often do you meet with customers and sales agents who are as professional as Mai?

Fortunately, I often meet many sales representatives who are really professional and attentive.

Whenever I go to Van Hanh Small in District 10 to enjoy some seafood at some restaurants there, their staff are really attentive and work professionally and quite quickly.

I’m really pleased with the staff at that mall.

  1. What are important points to pay attention to for salespeople when dealing with customers?

As I mentioned in the previous part, the sales representative should ask questions like Mai did.

It’s important to be polite and attentive with customers so they can keep their business alive.

  1. What behaviors should be avoided by professional customer agents?

Definitely, being rude should be avoided at any cost.

More importantly, don’t argue with their complaints and ignore their feedback.

Keeping our customers happy is essential for running a successful business. This means that when they provide feedback, we need to listen.

  1. Which products and services may require an extra high level of customer service?

I believe that services and products that are either expensive or related to health need an extra level of attention because there is simply something at stake.

I mean, a person wants the best treatment when buying a luxury car or a mansion. And they are definitely sensitive when treated by doctors and nurses in hospitals.

  1. What can happen to businesses in these industries that do not provide a positive buyer experience?

I reckon that delivering a great experience to prospective buyers has the biggest impact on whether or not they will buy something.

Companies that cannot satisfy consumer demand may suffer consequences such as lower sales, higher inventory, and lower profitability, or they may go bankrupt or go out of business.

  1. How has customer service changed in the past 20 years?

There have been some changes in customer care over the last two decades.

I mean, customer service has evolved from the early days of landlines and call centers, when the phone was the only communication channel, to social media platforms today.

Consumers can contact support via phone, live chat, WhatsApp, or social media like Zalo and Facebook.

  1. How has technology affected customer service?

Technology has a big impact on customer service. Technology has made work much easier, from customer interaction to service delivery.

The complexity of interacting with customers has been reduced. Technology ensures you provide quality services and products to your customers.

  1. Can you give some examples of this?

Of course, when I bought my teddy bear online, I quickly checked online to make sure that I was getting a good price and good products based on the reviews online on that website.

When receiving it, I was really pleased with it, and I gave the store a five-star rating on Google Reviews.

  1. Who is most responsible for making sure that customers have a positive shopping experience?

The store management has to take on this responsibility to make sure their customers are satisfied with their service and products, as they are in charge of smooth business operations and growth.

They also have the responsibility to train and supervise their staff to make sure customers are always happy.

  1. What is the best way to deal with difficult customers?

From my point of view, when solving problems with a tough customer, we should be calm, attentive, and empathetic.

When a customer is so disappointed or unhappy with the product or service, the best action is to provide a refund in full or in half or to offer a credit for the next purchase.


  1. leave an impression on
  • Nghĩa: để lại ấn tượng, ghi sâu trong tâm trí
  • Phiên âm: /liːv ən ɪmˈprɛʃən ɒn/
  • Ví dụ: Her kindness and generosity left a lasting impression on me.
  1. catch someone’s eye -idiom
  • Nghĩa: thu hút sự chú ý của ai đó
  • Phiên âm: /kætʃ sʌmˌwʌnz aɪ/
  • Ví dụ: The colorful display in the store window caught my eye as I walked by.
  1. Astonished -adj
  • Nghĩa: kinh ngạc, ngạc nhiên
  • Phiên âm: /əˈstɒnɪʃt/
  • Ví dụ: I was astonished to learn that she had won the competition.
  1. be content -adj
  • Nghĩa: hài lòng, thoả mãn
  • Phiên âm: /bi kənˈtɛnt/
  • Ví dụ: After achieving her goals, she felt content with her accomplishments.
  1. at any cost -idiom
  • Nghĩa: bằng mọi giá, bất chấp mọi điều kiện
  • Phiên âm: /æt ˈɛni kɒst/
  • Ví dụ: He was determined to succeed at any cost.
  1. be at stake -idiom
  • Nghĩa: đang đối mặt với nguy cơ, đang có nguy cơ mất điều gì đó quan trọng
  • Phiên âm: /bi ət steɪk/
  • Ví dụ: The company’s reputation is at stake if they don’t handle this situation properly.
  1. go bankrupt
  • Nghĩa: phá sản, không còn khả năng thanh toán nợ
  • Phiên âm: /ɡəʊ ˈbæŋkrʌpt/
  • Ví dụ: The company’s financial mismanagement caused it to go bankrupt.
  1. Landlines -n
  • Nghĩa: điện thoại bàn, dây nối đất
  • Phiên âm: /ˈlændlaɪnz/
  • Ví dụ: Many people have switched from landlines to mobile phones for communication.
  1. be in charge of
  • Nghĩa: đảm nhận trách nhiệm, chịu trách nhiệm
  • Phiên âm: /bi ɪn tʃɑːdʒ ɒv/
  • Ví dụ: She is in charge of overseeing the project and ensuring its success.


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