Christopher (English US)

Jenny (English US)

  1. Do you prefer trendy or comfortable shoes? why?

In the past, when I was a teenager, I usually chose fashionable shoes because I looked stylish and didn’t want to be behind the times.

But now, whenever buying shoes, I usually choose comfortable shoes to prevent me from experiencing foot pain.

  1. Can you easily find your shoe size in stores?

Oh yes, definitely. My shoe size is 38; I’m lucky enough to have an average women’s shoe size. I don’t have any trouble finding my shoe size.

  1. What kind of shoes do you usually wear, and why?

Whenever going out or going to work, I usually wear kitten heels, as they are really comfortable, elegant, and easy to wear.

But on some special occasions, like wedding ceremonies or birthday parties, I wear high heels because they make me taller, more attractive, and more confident.

But when I am at home, I only wear flip flops /ˈflɪp flɑːp/ dep lao,because they are really convenient and handy /ˈhændi/

  1. Do you spend a lot on shoes?

Absolutely no. I only buy what I need. If it is not necessary, I don’t buy it. I reckon that spending a huge amount on shoes is a waste of money. I would rather use that amount to enjoy the best restaurant near my place.

  1. Have the kinds of shoes you wear daily changed over the past 10 years?

No, they have been the same over the past decade. Actually, the duration of wearing shoes has changed. In the past, I mostly wore /wɔːr/ high heels, but now I spend most of my time at home. So I don’t wear high heels as much as in the past.

  1. If you could buy any pair of shoes in the world, What would they be?

Given the chance, I would love to get white Chanel kitten heel shoes. The reasons are that they cost an arm and a leg, look good, and are quite unique. I really want to have it.



  1. Fashionable shoes
    • Phiên âm: /ˈfæʃənəbəl ʃuz/
    • Nghĩa: Giày thời trang
    • Ví dụ: She loves to shop for fashionable shoes, always staying up to date with the latest trends.
  2. Behind the times (idiom)
    • Phiên âm: /bɪˈhaɪnd ðə taɪmz/
    • Nghĩa: Lạc hậu, không cập nhật với thời đại
    • Ví dụ: The company’s outdated technology and practices left them behind the times compared to their competitors.
  3. Kitten heels
    • Phiên âm: /ˈkɪtən hiz/
    • Nghĩa: Giày cao gót nhỏ gọn
    • Ví dụ: She prefers wearing kitten heels because they provide some height without sacrificing comfort.
  4. High heels
    • Phiên âm: /haɪ hiz/
    • Nghĩa: Giày cao gót
    • Ví dụ: She loves wearing high heels for special occasions to add elegance and sophistication to her outfit.
  5. Flip flops
    • Phiên âm: /flɪp flɑːps/
    • Nghĩa: Dép xỏ ngón
    • Ví dụ: During the summer, many people enjoy wearing flip flops for their casual and comfortable style.
  6. Handy (adj)
    • Phiên âm: /ˈhændi/
    • Nghĩa: Tiện lợi, dễ sử dụng
    • Ví dụ: A Swiss army knife is a handy tool to have in case of emergencies or when you need to perform small tasks.
  7. They have been the same
    • Phiên âm: /ðeɪ hæv bɪn ðə seɪm/
    • Nghĩa: Chúng đã giữ nguyên như vậy
    • Ví dụ: Despite the passage of time, some traditions and customs in the village have been the same for generations.
  8. Given the chance, I would…
    • Phiên âm: /ˈɡɪvən ðə tʃæns aɪ wʊd/
    • Nghĩa: Nếu có cơ hội, tôi sẽ…
    • Ví dụ: Given the chance, I would travel around the world and explore different cultures and landscapes.


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