Christopher (English US)

Jenny (English US)

  1. Who was your favorite teacher?

I love most of my instructors, but they’re difficult to pick on. But given a choice, I would say

my math teacher, Mr. Nho, who taught me when I was in grade 10, I like him the most.

He was really friendly, gentle, intelligent, and really supportive. Whenever I had a match problem, he was always willing to support me.

Especially, he had a sense of humor so he had his own way of making the lessons fun and engaging. So our class really liked him. Math used to be one of my favorite subjects.

  1. Where do you learn from teachers?

The most common place to learn from teachers is definitely the school, especially in a classroom.

But nowadays, with the advent of the internet, I can learn from teachers or instructors online, in a virtual classroom, like on Youtube. I’ve been learning English online on a daily basis.

  1. What is important about being a good teacher?

To become an excellent teacher, I think they have to be attentive, patient, and kind.

More importantly, they need to have good communication skills and good teaching skills as well. Because they can lead to effective learning. Like my math teacher, Mr. Nho, he is good at not only teaching but also communicating with people. That’s why students and his coworkers really adore and like him.

  1. When is a good time to ask a teacher a question?

The best occasion to ask a question is as soon as possible, before the students forget or whenever they have any problems.

When I was in high school, Mr. Nho let us ask any questions during the lesson; that’s why we all passed the math tests.

  1. Have you ever taught everyone?

Actually, as I mentioned, my job is as a TOEIC teacher, so I teach my students every day except for Sunday.

  1. If you could choose another subject to teach, what would it be?

As I mentioned, math used to be one of my favorite subjects. If I had a chance to instruct another subject, it would be math, because I’m quite good at math, and I also gained inspiration from my Mr. Nho.


  1. A sense of humor
    • Phiên âm: /ə sɛns ʌv ˈhjuːmər/
    • Nghĩa: Khả năng hài hước, óc hài hước
    • Ví dụ: He has a great sense of humor and always makes everyone around him laugh with his witty jokes.
  2. Engaging (adj)
    • Phiên âm: /ɪnˈɡeɪdʒɪŋ/
    • Nghĩa: Lôi cuốn, hấp dẫn
    • Ví dụ: The speaker delivered an engaging presentation that captivated the audience’s attention from start to finish.
  3. Virtual classroom
    • Phiên âm: /ˈvɜːrtʃuəl ˈklæsruːm/
    • Nghĩa: Lớp học ảo, không gian học trực tuyến
    • Ví dụ: Due to the pandemic, many schools have shifted to virtual classrooms, where students attend classes remotely through video conferencing.
  4. On a daily basis
    • Phiên âm: /ɒn ə ˈdeɪli ˈbeɪsɪs/
    • Nghĩa: Hàng ngày, theo lịch trình hàng ngày
    • Ví dụ: It’s important to drink enough water on a daily basis to stay hydrated and maintain good health.
  5. Adore (v)
    • Phiên âm: /əˈdɔːr/
    • Nghĩa: Rất yêu mến, sùng kính
    • Ví dụ: She absolutely adores her pet dog and showers him with love and affection.
  6. Gain inspiration from
    • Phiên âm: /ɡeɪn ˌɪnspəˈreɪʃən frɒm/
    • Nghĩa: Lấy cảm hứng từ
    • Ví dụ: As an artist, she gains inspiration from nature and often incorporates its beauty into her artwork.


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