Christopher (English US)

Jenny (English US)

  1. What colors do you use in your home?

The outside of my home is light blue, and the inside walls are eggshell white, which make the room brighter and give a sense of cleanliness.

  1. What’s your favourite colour? [Why?]

I have a fascination with red. I love it more than any other colors because it expresses my personality.

Red symbolizes love, passion, desire, heat, romance /ˈrəʊmæns/ and power, friendship, and sacrifice.

Whenever I buy clothes or something, I usually choose this color.

  1. Do you like the same colours now as you did when you were younger? [Why/Why not?]

Of course, red has always been my favourite colour.

My mother is also really into red. I remember vividly that when I was a child, red attracted my attention. Almost everything she bought is red, like clothes, hats, shoes, etc. Since then, I have been in love with this colour and interestingly, it remains the same.

  1. Are there any colors that you do not like?

Yes, I’m not particularly a big fan of grey because I find it gloomy /ˈɡluːmi/ (am dam) and tedious /ˈtiːdiəs/. When I buy dresses or choose decorations, I try to avoid this color.

  1. What are the most popular colors in your country, and do these have meanings?

In Vietnam, the colors of the flag come into my mind immediately; they are red and yellow.

Yellow represents the communist party, while red is a symbol of the communist revolution.

Interestingly, red is also my favorite color.

  1. What can you learn about a person from the colours they like?

I believe colours often represent some personality traits, and this tells us a lot about a person.

For instance, people who are really into black are often artistic and sensitive, and those who love the green colour are always loyal and straightforward.

More scientifically speaking, the choice of colours defines someone’s preference and could be used to speculate on a person’s life experience and preferences.

  1. Do any colours have a special meaning in your culture?

White is considered the symbol of peace and red for violence and sacrifice in our culture.

Interestingly, red is sometimes referred to as the colour of friendship and sacrifice.

As far as I know, green in our country represents nature and prosperity.

while yellow is the colour of sunshine and happiness.

Finally, black is considered something gloomy and sad and relates to the dark past in history.


  1. A sense of
    • Phiên âm: /ə sɛns ʌv/
    • Nghĩa: Một cảm giác, một ý thức về
    • Ví dụ: She has a sense of responsibility towards her family and always takes care of their needs.
  2. Have a fascination with
    • Phiên âm: /hæv ə ˌfæsɪˈneɪʃən wɪð/
    • Nghĩa: Rất hứng thú, mê mẩn với
    • Ví dụ: He has always had a fascination with astronomy and spends hours stargazing and studying the cosmos.
  3. Symbolize (v)
    • Phiên âm: /ˈsɪmbəlaɪz/
    • Nghĩa: Tượng trưng cho, biểu trưng cho
    • Ví dụ: In many cultures, the dove is considered to symbolize peace and harmony.
  4. Attracted someone’s attention
    • Phiên âm: /əˈtræktɪd ˈsʌmwʌnz əˈtɛnʃən/
    • Nghĩa: Lôi cuốn sự chú ý của ai đó
    • Ví dụ: The colorful display in the store window attracted the attention of passersby.
  5. Be in love with
    • Phiên âm: /biː ɪn lʌv wɪð/
    • Nghĩa: Đang yêu đương, đam mê
    • Ví dụ: She is deeply in love with her partner and cherishes every moment they spend together.
  6. Come into my mind
    • Phiên âm: /kʌm ˈɪntuː maɪ maɪnd/
    • Nghĩa: Xuất hiện trong tâm trí của tôi
    • Ví dụ: A beautiful melody suddenly came into my mind, and I hummed it all day.
  7. A symbol of
    • Phiên âm: /ə ˈsɪmbəl ʌv/
    • Nghĩa: Một biểu tượng của
    • Ví dụ: The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom and democracy.
  8. Personality traits
    • Phiên âm: /ˌpɜːrsəˈnælɪti treɪts/
    • Nghĩa: Những đặc điểm cá nhân, tính cách
    • Ví dụ: Confidence and empathy are important personality traits that contribute to effective leadership.
  9. Be really into
    • Phiên âm: /biː ˈrɪəli ˈɪntuː/
    • Nghĩa: Rất thích, say mê với
    • Ví dụ: He is really into photography and spends most of his free time capturing beautiful moments with his camera.
  10. Speculate on (v)
    • Phiên âm: /ˈspɛkjʊleɪt ɒn/
    • Nghĩa: Suy đoán, đồng nghĩa với
    • Ví dụ: The media loves to speculate on the reasons behind celebrities’ breakups and make wild assumptions.
  11. Prosperity (n)
    • Phiên âm: /prɒˈspɛrɪti/
    • Nghĩa: Sự thịnh vượng, thành công
    • Ví dụ: The country experienced a period of rapid economic growth and prosperity after implementing effective policies.
  12. Gloomy (adj)
    • Phiên âm: /ˈɡluːmi/
    • Nghĩa: Ảm đạm, u ám
    • Ví dụ: The dark clouds and constant rain made the atmosphere gloomy and depressing.


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