Answer Key and Audio Script – Listening Strategies For The IELTS Unit 1, Activity No 5

Audio script – Listening Strategies For The IELTS Unit 1,  Activity No.5


Operator: Directory Enquiries. What city, please?
Enquirer: Manchester. I’d like to have the telephone number of Mr. John Abel, please.
Operator: Yes, ma’am. How do you spell his last name?
Enquirer: It’s A-B-E-L, Abel.
Operator: Thank you. And could you tell me his address?
Enquirer: It’s 2418 Grestone Road.
Operator: The number is 3659783.
Enquirer: 3659783. Thank you very much.
Operator: You’re welcome. Have a good day.


Answer Key – Listening Activity No.5

1. Manchester
2. John Abel
3. 2418 Grestone Road
4. 3659783


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